Christmas Sleigh and Santa visits Havant

Havant Rotary Club and Havant Lions joined together in 2018 for the second time to maximise our coverage of the area that Santa and his Sleigh visit during the run up to Christmas.

We received the same generosity from the wonderful people we see in our collections round Havant Borough during this Christmas Season as we received last year. This is our main fund-raising event of the year, and what we collect at this time goes to support very many charities that we are sure are important to all of us in the area. With Rotary you can be sure that all the money we collect goes directly to the charity, as we take nothing away for administration, the cost of which is always borne by Rotarians.

We are pleased to say that our collections in 2018 (including static collections in ASDA, Havant Town Centre, Tesco, B&Q Havant, Emsworth Town Centre) reached a magnificent £8,778.62, shared proportionately between Havant Rotary Club and Havant Inner Wheel. We would like to thank Inner Wheel for their support in the static collections, and also a big thank you to lovely people of Havant, Hayling and especially Leigh Park who stepped up to the mark and helped on some of our sleigh runs. We always welcome this support, so if you would like to help us out next year, please give us a call.

Here are some of the photos sent in to us on our facebook page (Havant Santa and Sleigh) which is active every year from the beginning of December, and where we post details of our routes and timings.

Look here for the routes and timings for our sleigh expeditions in 2019.